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april 2018

This image of the painter attached to his raft madly painting the middle of Mayhem, is unfortunately not mine, I was sent it is a Christmas card and have never been able to find out who it originates from. But I use it here because it is symbolic, I’m presenting an image that is borrowed has a different meaning to original owner. I sort of see the world around me in a similar manner. We have a shared reality yet within that there is a unique vision, an alternative way of experiencing the same facts. When thinking about Rembrandt and his painting of a bunch  of grapes that can look realistic and atmospheric we have a sort of grape related experience, but at the same time we don’t see little birds fluttering down and trying to peck them, they know the difference. In my world I sometimes don’t know the difference, and this makes my world wondrous, confusing, and enlightening.

In my head this image of the painter firmly planted on his raft riding the seas, I can clearly relate to. I spent a large majority of my time sailing for pleasure and professionally. I feel naturally drawn to the element of water. In contemporary esoteric traditions it is commonly associated with the qualities of emotion, intuition and imagination. According to Aristotle water was both cold and wet and occupies a place between air and earth among the elemental spheres. It is also hard to contain water. it will flow out of one’s hand when picked up. The alchemical symbol for water is a downward pointing triangle; this for me expresses instability, and change.

In the Tibetan system of chakra there is a place called the “secret place “this chakra is related to the ocean, water moon and the stars, the place is found four fingers below the navel, meditation on this point can produce great bliss. Interpretations of this by the Sufi spiritual interconnected system which is known as the nafs is also just below the navel. But nafs also incorporates all the elements of man’s lower self, which needs to be tamed in order to attain closeness to Allah, to God to our spiritual self. This process of bringing wet materials, a taming of the elements bringing them together on a board or piece of paper may be my way of exploring my relationship to my spirit, my attempt to make meaning of this relationship, to be creative and be part of the process.